NovyMed acquires the Dynamic Operating Chair series from Doge Medical

NovyMed acquires the Dynamic Operating Chair series from Doge Medical

The company NovyMed, a Dutch market leading distributor and producer of patient handling systems and medical furniture, has achieved an agreement with Doge Medical concerning the purchase of a complete range of mobile operating chairs, called the DOC-series. The DOC Classic was especially designed for Ophthalmology and ENT, but finds it use also in other segments of surgery.

The Dynamic Operating Chair addresses the still strongly growing trend in the healthcare market, in which surgical procedures are more and more performed at outpatient clinics. From that perspective, the DOC Classic has been successfully used in the Ophthalmology area in the last 10 years within the Dutch, as well as the international market. Its use has proven an increased efficiency of more than 40%, in comparison with the traditional surgery process.

For NovyMed, the DOC-serie means a great addition of its current product portfolio, with which the position in the Dutch market for mobile solutions can further be enhanced and substantial growth in export can be established.

About Doge Medical BV

Doge develops, produces and supplies rehabilitation and medical products, aiming on efficiency and comfort. In the philosophy of Doge, products should contribute to more simplified and improved healthcare processes in which comfort for patient and caregiver is key.

In 2005, Doge developed the Dynamic Operation Chair series, initially designed for the Ophthalmology area. Meanwhile with the DOC-series more surgery segments are covered and its design has been acknowledged by receiving the Red Dot Award in 2009.

Since 2011 the DOC-series are being offered by Doge Medical. The mobile surgery chair addresses the need to perform surgery in Outpatient Centres in the Dutch and international market. Doge Medical is very content with the agreement with NovyMed and recognizes in this company the perfect partner to roll out the DOC concept effectively to a much wider level.

For more information about Doge Medical BV and its products, please visit their website.

About NovyMed BV

NovyMed was founded in 2004 as a spin-off from the company Etesmi/JW Koch, at that point well known in the Healthcare market as a Dutch manufacturer of hospital beds. To this day, thousands of their beds are still in use in the Dutch market. NovyMed has become a market leader in mobile solutions and medical furniture and offers a wide range of solutions for the Emergency Care, Mother and Child care, patient care and Day treatment.

As a manufacturer of a children’s cot (the Perlei) and a unique X-Ray stretcher (the U-shape 953), NovyMed is also successfully active in the international market. Besides these own designs, NovyMed is also responsible for the international sales of the special Airfluidized beds for burn treatment from the Dutch manufacturer Synergie Nederland.