About Novymed

NovyMed BV in Gorinchem is the leading Dutch supplier of medical furniture and patient handling systems for hospitals and healthcare institutions, such as rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. The product portfolio is focused on areas such as nursing, emergency care, day care, obstetrics, neonatology and patient transport and contains various Novymed products and products of leading foreign manufacturers.

The innovative Novymed products have been developed in close cooperation with experts in the field. NovyMed products are of excellent quality and are very successful in both the Dutch market as well as in several foreign markets.

Our products

The Mobilizing DOC Concept

In order to mobilize eye surgery operations Novymed has developed a unique concept which offers stability, mobility and agility for eye surgery operations: The DOC concept.

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George Surgeon Chair

Step into the future of surgical seating. The George Surgeon Chair, where unparalleled precision meets ergonomic excellence. Experience 3-D adjustable armrests, intuitive controls, and state-of-the-art stability.

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X-Ray Stretcher U-Shape 953

The X-Ray Stretcher U-Shape 953 is the ideal system to fit your trauma patients needs from the minute they arrive in a hospital environment. It is developed in close cooperation with experts from within various leading trauma centers.

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