The pivotal role of the U-Shape stretcher in the C-arm market

With the X-Ray Stretcher U-Shape 953, NovyMed aims to innovate and mobilize healthcare by improving treatment of trauma patients. The innovative design and technology makes patient transfers obsolete, minimizing risks and shortening hospitalization periods. Especially in the field of diagnostic imaging with C-arm medical equipment, the U-Shape has proven to be of indispensable value.

Continue to read below about the use of C-arm equipment in hospitals and the pivotal role played by the U-shape stretcher.

Market Analysis: Use of C-arms in hospitals continues to grow

There are many diagnostic imaging modalities, such as CT, MRI, PET, PET-CT, Ultrasound and X-ray. A C-arm is one of the helpful medical tools that is used to create medical images. Several recent market analysis reports indicate continued growth in the C-arm market. Driven by the growing prominence of minimal invasive surgery. When looking for an explanation of this growth, new developments, especially mobile C-arms, are seen as a major contribution.

Expanding usage of C-arm beyond the field of diagnostics

The influence of the medical image in healthcare is constantly growing. Because of this growth, diseases are detected at an early stage and treatments become more effective. Consequently, usage is expanded beyond the field of diagnostics, entering the arenas of prevention and therapy, lowering costs in healthcare on a global scale.

The advantages of using a C-arm

  • C-arms contribute to excellent precision in the OR – from image quality to operability, from versatility to efficiency.
  • Fracture treatment requires immediate and accurate action; therefore, intraoperative registration is a crucial step in Trauma Navigation.
  • Besides the trauma treatment the use of a C-Arm for other diagnostic treatments like endoscopy offers an important advantage.

The disadvantage of using a C-arm

Now that we’ve listed some of the advantages, the question of disadvantages arises. So, are there disadvantages in the use of a C-arm?

Unfortunately, yes. there is one.

  • With the use of a mobile C-arm it is difficult or even impossible to have the complete view of a patient from head to toe, due to the frame of the bed.

Finding the solution

This problem of limited view can be solved by transferring the patient over to an  x-ray table, before the procedure. However, this results in health risks for the patient and its caregivers. For example, nurses could sprain their backs, while transferring a patient and of course vice versa: The patient is at risk of suffering injuries or complications.

The X-Ray Stretcher U-Shape 953

With the introduction of the X-Ray Stretcher U-Shape 953 to the healthcare market, NovyMed has shown to be able to take into account the diagnostic imaging modalities market developments and resolve the disadvantage of a mobile C-arm adequately, moving healthcare forward.

Since, because of its unique shape, transfers of highly traumatized patients from a stretcher to a radiology table are no longer necessary, minimizing risks involved for staff and patients.