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The health care market is, more than ever, in motion.

Only by incorporating this movement in our operations, we make sure that we are a proactive, relevant and above all useful partner.

But which movements in the field of medical furniture can we expect between now and 2025? As leading suppliers of medical furniture, we come in contact with the people who work in varying fields of health care, such as: health care providers, specialists, surgeons, suppliers, etc. This enabled us to mark six interesting trends and developments which apply to health care all around the world. With Mobilizing Healthcare, we aim to incorporate these developments into our core business.

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7 interesting health care trends and developments

1. Differentiation

There is an increasing amount of differentiation in care consumers, resulting in an increase in the demand for customization and customer focus. As a result, higher expectations arise about the quality of care and experience of care providers.

The government aim to give the insurance companies more influence on health care policy with the goal of instigating a health care renewal. In this renewal, the provision of care will focus more on the needs and wishes of patients and efficiency in health care.

A few examples include a regional hospital that specializes with a so-called “herniastraat.” Tis combines the treatment of hernia patiens with a single visit, allowing patients from across the country to be diagnosed and treated in one day. This way, the patient is provided with specified and efficient care.

NovyMed supports this new care method with the development of BigWheel stretchers. These stretchers allow a single nurse to transport the patient, keeping manpower and time efficiency in check. This trend is also visible through the cooperation of mother and child centers with regional hospitals with obstetrical practices who create a greater customer satisfaction by combining their strengths.

2. Insecurity

Increasingly, we notice a feeling of insecurity that arises among patients. One of the reasons for this is the complexity of treatments,  faced by a patient. The patient often does not know exactly what is going to happen to him or her.

We at NovyMed believe that the right material combined with clear communication can take away this feeling of insecurity among patients. Think of cataract operations where leaflets inform the patient while he / she waits for treatment in a comfortable lounge room. And when it is time, the patient is seated in a comfortable surgery seat, in which he / she undergoes the entire surgery procedure.

3. Elder Care

Nowadays, people are living longer. This, coupled with the aging of the population, means that there is a shift in care towards the elderly. Responsively, this shift will mean an increasing importance of chronic diseases. This ultimately means that patients will come in contact with care more often and for a longer amount of time.

One of the spearheads of NovyMed is accommodating this trend by continuing to innovate. For example by means of the innovative anti-decubitus mattress, which combines the benefits of memory foam with the benefits of a cold foam mattress.

4. Prevention

To cope with this tendency towards older patients, we see that more people are starting to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. Preventing diseases and disorders has been given a higher priority.

An example is the screening of colon cancer. This development is the ability for hospitals to invest in increased ergonomic and comfortable BigWheel stretchers.

5. Technology

Technology develops, both in the field of patient information and treatment. Concerning the way information is provided, we see a shift from physical to digital. As a result, transparency in knowledge and skills becomes increasingly important. Since anyone can look up their symptoms or complaints on the internet and add their own conclusions. Innovations in technology mean that ever more targeted treatments are made possible, which in turn enable better customized care.

We at NovyMed respond to these developments via the Dynamic Operating Chair (DOC) series. Because patients are increasingly aware of what goes on inside hospitals, the concept of operation chairs is becoming paramount in patient care.

6. Sustainability

Sustainability is now no longer a choice, sustainability is a necessity. Not only production should be taken into account, but also the social return, the core labor standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) code of conduct, sustainability of social standards, packaging and green energy. In order to achieve these standards, this requires vision, commitment and thinking and acting in a broader perspective. NovyMed feels challenged and supports this development.

7. Market forces

We also see a reification of the health care market. Because the number of jobs is decreasing, while we observe an increase in entrepreneurship. This all takes place while the demand for good care increases in size. As a result: the care chain is redesigned; more mergers of hospitals with a special focus on customer orientation.

To cope with this trend, NovyMed develops a differentiated range of care products. Whereby the principle of offering products to market segments (such as wife / mother child day care, Emergency Room) helps customers in making their choices.

NovyMed: Innovate and improve

We invest a lot of our time in “Mobilizing Healthcare,” by which we mean: finding solutions and coming up with ideas to improve health care. We aim to share the knowledge and experience of our team of professionals with you.

The DOC Series by NovyMed

As mentioned earlier, a leading example of a product that responds and contributes to these developments is the Dynamic Operation Chair, either Dynamic Operating Chair: the DOC One and / or the DOC Ortho.

The DOC mobile surgery chair is an electrically adjustable seat and mobile surgery intended to be used in outpatient procedures and / or in clinical interventions in combination with day recording.

The concept contributes to the comfort and safety of the patient and the ergonomics of the nurse because inter alia, the patient needs to be not lifted and the chair is very easy to move. In addition, to achieve the gains in efficient workflow with minimal impact on staff and patient.

We are confident that we, based on our belief “Mobilizing Healthcare,” can be of service to your health care needs and services. NovyMed – Mobilizing Healthcare.

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