DOC Classic

Mobile surgery chair designed for procedures to eye, nose, ear, mouth & face

The DOC, Dynamic Operating Chair is both an operating chair and table and was developed specifically for day surgery treatment. This unique product saves time; eliminates manual handling and the risk of back injury to clinical personnel, it offers a very high level of patient comfort and equally importantly reduces operating costs by improving efficiency.

The ultimate treatment system for your department

The DOC is suitable for ophthalmology, ENT, oral and plastic surgery. By using multiple operating chairs, patients can effortlessly flow from the Day Surgery Unit to the operating theatre and back ensuring maximum utilization of operating facilities

The DOC-concept by NovyMed: Mobilizing Healthcare

1. Intake

Patient takes place on a comfortable chair with a low entry level.

2. Preparation

In a customized preference position, the pre medication can be given.

3. Move

The central 5th wheel and the electromechanical braking system ensure reliable, ergonomic maneuverability.

4. Operation

Without any patient transfer the operation can start immediately by setting the chair in a comfortable position for the patient and the correct height and position for the operator.

5. Move

After surgery, the patient is returned to the recovery room. Again, without any patient transfer.

6. Recovery

The patient can now recover comfortably and adjust the chair into any position he or she prefers.

DOC advantages

The DOC Classic Pro is unique and offers many advantages. It facilitates the whole clinical proces; from admission and preoperative treatment to surgery and recovery. The patient stays in the DOC during the entire procedure.

  1. Before and after surgery there is no need to use an additional bed or stretcher, this saves time and capital investment.
  2. Transfer of the patient from a stretcher to the operating table becomes irrelevant. Therefore very ergonomic for all clinical nursing staff and patient.
  3. Efficiency will increase significantly by 40-50% using multiple DOC operating chairs

Industry leading safety

The DOC classic Pro is leading in terms of safety. The chair is equipped with essential safety features.

  • Mobility: The special wheels with electro mechanic brakes can be unlocked manually on site. This allows you to move the chair from its position at any time.
  • On / off switch: Easy on / off switch which ensures maximum safety during surgery. The DOC cannot be moved whilst in use.
  • Safety locking: The connector plug of the charging unit is equipped with a safety locking mechanism.
  • Hygiene: The hand control is fully sealed and reduces the risk of infection.
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